Company Profile

Small Cap Invest is an European investment company focused on discovering undervalued and promising growth companies that are already listed or want to be listed on an European Exchange. 

Having an experienced network of investors enables us to help raise capital for companies as well as to generate a market in Europe by listing your company on the highly recognised Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as other European Exchanges. Our financing abilities include Small Cap Funds, High Networth Investors, Family Offices, Investment Banks, Private Equity and Venture Capital.

We have an extensive network of Brokers, Market Makers, Portfolio and Risk Managers and our database also allows us to effectively communicate positive and compelling reasons for investment consideration and purchase of our profiled companies securities. Small Cap Invest also provides a sophisticated environment to help listed companies to increase their recognition as well as market capitalisation and liquidity in European capital markets. We offer efficient networking and targeted communication.

Alexander Friedrich is founder and CEO of the Frankfurt-based company Small Cap Invest. He has an extensive background in the European financial community and is focused on maintaining and growing his customers presence throughout Europe, in particular maintaining relationships with the European network of partners and investors. He worked with companies in Europe, Asia, Canada and the US and supported numerous Listings, IPOs, Financings, IR/PR Programs & Corporate Finance projects in a multitude of sectors.




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